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WVU General Requests
Type Number Title Due Date No Later Than Contact Prebid Meeting
RFB 90003715Z Tech - Montgomery Hi-Rise Demolition
RFB90003715Z - Addendum 1.pdf
RFB90003715Z - Addendum 2.pdf
RFB90003715Z - Addendum 3.pdf
Manual, Part I.pdf
Manual, Part II.pdf
Prebid Attendance Log - Hi-Rise.pdf
Second Prebid Attendance Log1.pdf

04/04/2017 3:00 pm Keith Bayles Yes
RFB 90003713Z Coliseum ADA Seating
Prebid Attendance Log - ADA Seating.pdf

04/06/2017 3:00 pm Keith Bayles Yes
RFB 90003717J Timber Sale - Fire Tower Block, Compartment III

04/18/2017 3:00 pm Fran Jones No