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Name Phone Ext Email
Terri Castor (304) 293-8449 terri.castor@mail.wvu.edu
Alice Bowman (304) 293-8447 alice.bowman@mail.wvu.edu
Cathy Cobb (304) 293-5111 cathy.cobb@mail.wvu.edu
Michelle Royce (304) 293-9778 michelle.royce@mail.wvu.edu
Fran Jones 304-293-0372 frjones@mail.wvu.edu
Dave Beaver 304-293-8450 dfbeaver@mail.wvu.edu
Robert Beck 304-293-8475 robert.beck@mail.wvu.edu
Dana Salotti 304-293-6680 dana.salotti@mail.wvu.edu
Eva Hajian 304-293-5152 eva.hajian@mail.wvu.edu
Doug Upole 304-293-3100 dupole@mail.wvu.edu
Darlene Clingan 304-293-4001 darlene.clingan@mail.wvu.edu
Harry Youdell 304-293-4527 harry.youdell@mail.wvu.edu
Keith Bayles 304-293-2884 Keith.Bayles@mail.wvu.edu
Margo Hrabar 304-293-0356 margo.hrabar@mail.wvu.edu
Kolby Sepesky 304-293-8472 kolby.sepesky@mail.wvu.edu
Cody Winiesdorffer 304-293-9777 cwinies1@mail.wvu.edu
Sara Harvey 304-293-8472 sara.harvey@mail.wvu.edu
Katie McGuire 6315 katie.mcguire@mail.wvu.edu